From Location to Post Production: The Journey of Sound in TV and Film

Instructor: Khalid Omar
Duration: 8 hours total (April 14& 15; 10:00 am-2:00 pm)
Location: TBD
Language: English
Cost: 10 KD per participant, 5 KD for students

The goal of this workshop is to give participants an in-depth look at audio for TV and film, starting from capturing sound on location, to delivering the final product in post-production, Participants will be given hands on demonstrations with regards to recording audio on set, as well as a look into the creative and technical processes of Audio Post Production. Throughout the duration of the workshop, attendees will be shown video examples, be given hand outs, and have live demonstrations; an essential part in learning and developing the skills required.
This workshop will provide an introduction to audio recording, location sound, post-production, dialog editing, sound design and mixing.

Instructor's Biography

Khalid Omar took a strong interest in the world of audio whilst completing a Bachelors and Masters degree in Music at The University of Ottawa, Canada. Upon completing his Bachelors degree in 2007, he was presented with the opportunity to be employed by the University as a Sound Technician under their work/study program. Khalid took a strong interest in the technical side of music and quickly gained extensive, hands-on experience in recording live classical chamber music as well as full size orchestral concerts. He remained an employee of the University throughout the duration of his Masters degree, of which he completed in 2009

Having a strong passion for both music and sound engineering, Khalid decided to pursue a career in the world of Film and Television Audio Production. His appreciation of the creative elements involved in sound editing and sound design took him to Manchester, UK whereby he obtained an Advanced Diploma in Audio Post Production at the School of Sound Recording (SSR) and became an AVID certified Pro-Tools operator. During his time there, Khalid underwent rigorous training and gained remarkable exposure to real life scenarios at the BBC and ITV headquarters.

Khalid decided to return to Kuwait in 2012, whereby he established himself as a freelance Sound Engineer. During the last three years, he has worked on numerous commercials for Zain, QualityNet, Viva, Ooredoo, Abyat, P2BK, Markaz and Rauch, to name a few. He has also supported the local film community and provided his services to a number of short films and documentaries. Khalid’s most recent project was in conjunction with a French and English film crew, filming locations in Kuwait intended to replicate areas of Baghdad that are currently unsafe to film in. Khalid is constantly striving to improve the quality of audio for TV and Film in Kuwait and is a dedicated and active member of the industry.