THE SCRIPT honors 5 pioneers

The opening ceremony of the highly awaited Script Conference took place on April 12th, 2015 at Gulf University for Science and Technology. It was the day where awards known as ‘Al Shakoor’ were given out to those of significance in the media industry. ‘Al Shakoor’ award is meant ‘For Lifetime Achievements in the Field of Theatrical Arts’.  As the program of the opening night had stated, “The Al Shakoor Award offers acknowledgement and appreciation for noteworthy achievements in, and contribution to, culture and society”.  

The Script Conference had coincidentally been the day after a phenomenal Kuwaiti actor ‘Ahmad Al Saleh’ had passed away, and in respect, there was a minute of silence before the ceremony had begun. Appreciation and respect were given to the life of Ahmad Al Saleh and his work, which was represented by the silence that was shared.

The speakers who had inaugurated the ceremony included Arts and Theatre Commentator Abdulsatar Bin Naji, Master of Ceremonies -Ministry of State for Youth Affairs Mohammed Al Momen, Undersecretary -Ministry of State for Youth Affairs Shaikha Al-Zain Al Sabah, Chair- Mass Communication and Media department of GUST  Dr. FahedAl Sumait, Student President of the Media club Marwa Marafie, and President of GUST Donald Bates. Abdullah Boushahri, ADASA Director and President of Ministry of state for Youth Affairs had also been present for the inauguration. After all the introductions, the awards were given out. The awards were presented to outstanding personas of the Kuwaiti media industry, Abdulhussain Abdulredha, Saad Al Faraj and Mohammed Al Mansour. Two personas had been unable to attend the Script but have awards in their names; they are Souad Abdullah and Hayat Al Fahad. As the awards were given out by Shaikha Al-Zain Al Sabah and Dr.Fahed Al Sumait, videos were displayed to recapture the works of these individuals and their accomplishments in the film industry.