The ADASA Short-Film Festival

Kuwait, West Mishrif - 14 April 2015 - We are pleased to announce that the script had become a truly outstanding event after the fantastic seminar of the success on presenting and reaching out to the cast and crews of short films at Gulf University for Science and Technology. We have decided to take the advantage of having the opportunity, where this year “The Script” announced to celebrate various types of movies released in Kuwait proudly. Today, filming industries in Kuwait are extremely popular, especially short films with special stories. There has been various types of short films presented before a movie starts in cinema, or during commercials and also in a famous short films website called “Telly”.

Each year Gust University celebrates pioneers and trendsetters in radio, TV, film, and theater. ADASA seminar presented short films that had similar stories that were, in a way, related to each other. Short films were pleasingly amazing to watch; each film presented exclusive well-known short films. The organization of the film festivals has finally been shown how successful and how hard working they have accomplished in achieving the showcases of their films. “The Script” has given the opportunity to honor and celebrate Arab filmmakers in GUST University. 

One of the short film presented was “Saalfat Soora” about two close friends who stole cash from a supermarket, where an innocent child who loved taking random pictures with his new camera unexpectedly becomes a victim of a scene where he accidently had taken a picture of them dragging money out of the supermarket, where then the poor child tries to run away from this problem that he can’t get out from because of those evil men running after him and threating him for his camera. The other short film tells the story about a young man who stole a carpet from work and later on feels so ashamed that he had taken it home with him from the first place. So he later decided to return it after noticing what he did was inappropriate as raising a newborn child.  These two main movies show great promise for the future of Kuwaiti films.