Day 2 - Eman Najem & Ali Najem

One of the events that happened on the second day of "The Script" conference is with speakers from marina FM, Former radio announcer and now TV broadcaster Eman Najem and well known radio announcer Ali Najem. The goal for this event is to show people the importance and the advance of radio in Kuwait, also to show the difference it has to other media productions.

The event started with a simple introduction about the speakers. It began with Eman Najem, She talked about how she started working in radio and how she became a radio announcer. Eman talked about how she advanced with her work in radio, and the experiences she gained from being a radio announcer and how that prepared her with her current job in TV broadcasting. She revealed that during her work in radio she also did voicing for a couple of TV cartoons. In the end of her speech she gave the audience an advice "Life is full of chances" - Eman Najem.

After that Ali started talking about how he started working in radio and how he became an announcer. He said that Eman was the first person that introduced him to radio production and she encouraged him to pursue that field, he said that she was his mentor, she taught him and gave him the ropes on radio broadcasting, preparation and editing.  

In the end of the event audiences got a chance to ask the speakers questions about their work and asked for their advices about working in media. Both Eman and Ali replied to the audiences by talking about how the advance and the diversity of media have changed media from how it was before to how it is now. The expanse of media applications recently is helping new media figures become more known. They talked about the meaning of being a media broadcaster/announcer, they said one should firstly focus on the meaning of the word broadcaster, a broadcaster should know the subject they are talking about and do a research about it and not to copy and repeat what they hear or what they see. To be a broadcaster it's not mandatory that you must study or have a degree in media, it's about you. They said that life takes you to places you didn’t plan for and it gives you chances and one must take them because you don’t know where it could lead you.