Feature: Saher Al Leil

The SCRIPT held an open talk event about the famous TV series Saher Al Leil on April 15, 2015 at 12:30pm for students and teachers. The event that was held at W6-500 gave students a background about the TV series and how it was developed. At the beginning of the event, the three speakers introduced themselves in a welcoming manner. Basma Hamada, an actress and Fahad Alaiwa, the writer of Saher Al Leil. Jassim Al Nabhan was supposed to attend the seminar but Ahmad AlSaleh, an actor, passed away coincidentally and in respect, he had to attend his funeral. Each speaker spoke deeply about his or her experience during the development, filming, and writing of Saher El Leil. It was a big part of both their lives. Basma Hamada spoke about her role and how she manages to play the role as if it was real. She claims that people might hate her because of her acting, but evidentially, this makes her excellent. The extremely talented writer thought about writing a script for a film regarding the outstanding TV series, but would not make headlines as much as the series, but is about to write a new script for a movie and he plans to achieve that in the next couple of years. 

Saher Al Leil influenced all ages, and Basma Hamada claims that the criticism of the young generation is the most effective one. Playing a part in this specific series which gained a lot of views effected the actors even outside the shooting location. The consecutive success that the show got was not planned. After seeing how much people liked the first season pushed them to work and produce a more influential one. The last season that was viewed was the most successful one, because the Kuwaiti society was closely related to it according to the events that talked about the Iraqi invasion. Each series discussed a different period of time, and different areas of life. Looks, love, money and the Kuwaiti lifestyle changed throughout the three year period in which the outstanding series was produced. The series made a lot of headlines regarding the mistakes. It was clear that most of the pictures that were leaked were photo shopped and one single mistake was real. The donut box that was viewed for less than a second made people criticize the series a lot but this raised the confidence of the cast because the viewers were very involved.

The presence of those influential characters made the attending audience understand how this success came through, and how it all started from scratch. The Kuwaiti media continues to dominate the media world and Fahad Al Alaiwa and Basma Hamada certainly put a head start to that.