The Ministry has great faith in the role of youth in the promotion and evolution of Kuwait. It is our role to work hand in hand with them and allow them to flourish in a myriad of sectors. Our objective is to motivate through training and to allow for further incubation through our wide network of opportunities and resources. 




The student-led Media Club at GUST works in collaboration with the MCM department each year to organize a student-faculty collaborative conference. The mission of the Media Club is to achieve media awareness by combining education and entertainment with lecture series, open discussions, outdoor activities, workshops and trips to enhance students’ understandings of media.

Rose Catering and Hospitality showcases a unique concept by offering an extensive variety of fresh, homemade food products for a wide range of occasions. Founded in 1996, Rose Catering prides itself on menus suited to all budgets with unrivalled quality in products and services. In support of THE SCRIPT conference, the company is donating all catering requirements for the week at no cost! 

Founded in 2005, INJAZ Kuwait (INJAZ) is a non-profit (NPO), non-governmental organization (NGO) driven by Kuwait's private sector. Through strategic partnerships with Kuwait's business and education sectors, and with the help of qualified and dedicated volunteers, INJAZ delivers educational programs on entrepreneurial and leadership skills aimed at inspiring and educating future generations.




Four Films exhibits are supporting the MCM annual conference for the second year in a row through the provision of exceptional printing and display construction services. For over three decades, 4Films has been among the leaders in the print media in Kuwait by combining fine craftsmanship and creative design with unsurpassed service and cutting-edge technology.

4F.E.S.T. is a leading specialist company providing a full range of services. From conceptual design to construction/promotion, 4F.E.S.T. has everything for your Exhibition, Signage and Trade show needs.


Klaket is a production company that specializes in producing commercials, short films and film making. We believe in youth empowerment and support all kinds of youth activities. We are glad to take part in THE SCRIPT conference as a part of our community service responsibility and have donated our services to help with such a creative initiative. 


Khayal Consultants was established in 1996 to provide complete corporate communication solutions of an unparalleled level of quality and creativity. Since inception, Khayal has provided solutions for some of the most successful organizations in Kuwait. Our services are divided into three main lines: web and digital development, graphic design and marketing consulting.